For companies

New staff for companies to provide long or short-term assistance. We offer access to our extensive database of qualified and tested workers from various professions.

We offer HR services to companies

Although we primarily specialise in finding employees for manual work and craft positions, we can provide qualified employees in a wide range of other fields in the job market. Our database contains employees from the production industry, logistics and sales organisations and employees from various production sectors and for companies providing services. Contact us and see.


Types of cooperation

Agency employment

This service provides our own employees on a temporary placement in the customer’s operation. The new staff continues to be employed by our company and we take full responsibility for their work. We take away the time and effort required for administration and recruitment, we save you money and provide you with sufficient qualified employees for an agreed period of time.


Staff leasing – staff on a long-term lease

Staff leasing offers the long-term lease of employees from the market sector selected by you. The allocated employees are either our own in-house staff or carefully selected specialists from the areas and specialisations defined by you.

Temporary help – staff on a short-term lease

The provision of qualified employees for a short-term or for one-off projects. The provision of temporary help is above all appreciated by companies to meet the needs of seasonal work, short-term projects or to top-up production.

Temporary and auxiliary jobs – qualified staff for assistance

We’ll provide you with qualified temporary workers for administrative and auxiliary jobs. We offer either short-term or long-term cooperation.

Recruitment – employees

Another area of services where we specialise is in the search and recruitment of direct employees for your company. New employees are selected through a tailored approach based on the profile of the job position and your requirements. Our offer includes the selection and interview of with candidates, along with the possibility of professional testing and verification of references.

We provide comprehensive services in the area of human resources.

By using our services your work ends once you have specified your requirements for the future employee. The next time you are involved is when we introduce the most suitable candidates. We’ll free you up from the activities related with taking on new employees – posting ads, reading and evaluating CVs, the need to organise, lead and assess recruitment interviews and the administration connected to them.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to create a tailored offer for you according to your needs.



Including employees with forklift truck licences, warehouse workers, and related professions.


Including employees with welding skills and skills in the operation of commonly used CNC machines.

Auxiliary works

Employees for more simple manual jobs.